Our kids – the jewels of our lives. We try to present the best possible alternatives to them and make sure that they reach their maximum inner potential. With better education standards in mind, I decided to move to Canada in order to ensure my son gets a world-renowned education. Besides academic rigour, Canada is also a great environment for cultural immersion. Growing up with an array of different ethnicities from all around the world allows students to interact more effectively with the international world that is present today. 

My personal experience living in Canada for numerous years has given me a comprehensive understanding of the educational system present there. This immersive background coupled with know-how attained from my studies at Erickson Coaching International allows me to provide a personalized coaching service that satisfies educational needs here at Edmit International Education Consultancy. Our past clients have benefited greatly from our unique approach that combines personal coaching with education consulting. Being an accredited member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I am also able to provide clients with advanced resources to help them reach their educational goals.


Taking into account your strengths, budget, and aspirations, we present a tailored list of schooling options that will best satisfy your needs. It is our obligation to provide focused solutions in a timely manner. 


Provide you with the most recent advancements in the educational world and help you make an informed decision that will best lead you to your goals.

We believe that every person is unique. Every person has a different style of learning, and every person has different goals. Here at Edmit, we build pathways that are cater to each and every client’s needs at a personal level. From laying out the initial road map to helping you make your ultimate decisions, we are involved in every aspect of the journey to ensure you take all the right steps. The process starts off by identifying the clients goals, is followed by targeting the appropriate educational institutions, and is finalized by selecting the best fit. With our coaching services overarching the wholesome process, students have all the resources to reach their full potential and attain their goals.


Our services consist of different levels of education:   

  • Private High Schools  
  • Universities  
  • Colleges  
  • Language Schools 

And, specifically   

  • Coaching Services – ICF certified
    • Students  (16 +) 
    • Parents 
    • Careers