High School Consulting

High schools can have varying application requirements depending on the institution, type of programs that are being applied to and grade of entry. In order to be an applicant, students need to find out the most suitable school for their needs in terms of their plans for post-secondary levels and their budgets. We are here to assist you in this selection process and help you complete the essential documentation required by the desired academic institution.

University Consulting

As a part of our procedure we work one-on-one with our students to map out their personality and character traits. This allows us to form a list of professions and institutions that best suit the student’s needs. With regard to the candidate’s profile specifications, we aid the student when completing the required university/college forms and follow up on every stage of the process to ensure the application is submitted both promptly and correctly.

Language Schools

There is a wide variety of alternatives in Canada for students who would like to improve their English proficiency level. Language schools offer various programs of different levels and durations. (IELTS / TOEFL preparations, Business English courses etc.) Depending on the need and level of our students, we determine the most compatible program.


We take on various roles in our lives; student, parent, teacher, friend, artist, director, entrepreneur. There are times where we take steps with others and times we have to grow independently. We are here to assist you on your journey towards designing your future. Our role is to cast light on your quest to find your passion and make it a reality. We know that once we plan ahead, we can make our dreams come to life.

"Great questions guide us toward determining

our deepest purpose and strongest future."

- Marilyn Atkinson

About Canada


Canada is well known for its’ diverse population. The variation of cultures and people living together in harmony is amazing with open-minded people. The standards in the education system and having different types of programs for each and every child’s needs has also great value in the country’s living standards.


There are more than 200 languages and dialects in Canada. English is the most common language and used by 56% of the population. On the other hand, French is the language of 20% of the population. Chinese is the third language that is preferred by immigrants.

Job Opportunities

The work permit is granted depending on the duration of the degree obtained (certificate, undergraduate, masters, doctorate). Among various programs, the eight-month program is the minimum duration for eligibility of the work permit.


The application process begins with an ”Acceptance Letter” that is provided by the institution. Depending on the length of the program ”Student Visa” varies.


Education expense depends on the different elements such as program types, duration of the programs, and the province of the institution. The budget for living expenses depends on the state and the city. Students’ preferences and lifestyle varies the budgeting expense.

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship options are limited to international students. ”Entrance Scholarship” is the most popular and well known and granted to students who have demonstrated high standards of academic achievements. It is provided at the time of the acceptance is informed.

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