Let’s take a closer look at Canada.


Canada is well known for its’ diverse population. Variation of cultures and people living together in harmony is amazing with open-minded people. The standards in education system and having different types of programs for each and every child’s needs has also great value in country’s living standards. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa (the capital) and Vancouver are the major cities that interest most of the new comers in lifestyle, educational merits and quality of education, and job opportunities. Toronto is the leading city in attracting immigrants; followed by Montreal and Vancouver. Also these cities are highly popular with their social lives, festivals, and sports.


There are more than 200 languages and dialects in Canada. English is the most common language and used by 56% of the population. On the other hand, French is the language of 20% of the population (the native language of Quebec, New Brunswick). Chinese is the third language that is prefered by the immigrants.

Job Opportunities

The work permit is granted depending on the duration of the degree obtained (certificate, undergraduate, masters, doctorate). Among various programs, the eight-month program is the minimum duration for eligibility of the work permit. Also, the students on CO-OP or paid internship programs are eligible for the work permit with a limitation of 50% of their studies in Canada. If the student is enrolled in a college or university, the work permit is limited with 20 hours/week. Students are allowed to work full-time during the holidays. Therefore, they have better opportunities in finding internship / full-time positions. On the other hand, the work permit is not given to students who are enrolled in career colleges or language schools.

Educational Budget

Education expense depends on the different elements such as program types, duration of the programs, and the province of the institution. Degrees in engineering, design, and business could be more costly than programs in social studies, the sciences, and the arts. In general, students prefer to stay in dorms during their first year at universities. They are mostly sharing an apartment with a roommate on the following years in the neighbourhood close to school buildings. The budget for living expenses depends on the state and the city. Students preferences and lifestyle varies the budgeting expense.

Scholorship Opportunies

Scholarship options are limited to international students. ”Entrance Scholarship” is the most popular and well known and granted to students who have demonstrated high standards of academic achievements. It is provided at the time of the acceptance is informed. The ”Entrance Scholarship” is provided only for the first year of school and if the student completes the year successfully, the university re-evaluates the student’s needs. Initially, the student’s high schools academic achievements, English language assessments (TOEFL / IELTS academic test results), high school rankings, and all other projects, activities and volunteer work experiences are considered.

Another type of scholarship that can be provided is ”Financial Aid”. To obtain financial aid, the student is obliged to provide legal documentation with respect to his/her family’s financial status. Additionally, the student needs to be a high achiever and accept the conditions of the institution that the aid is provided.

Other than these two types of scholarships there is also ”Athletic bursary” in some sports. The student must have already attained high standards and proved proficiency in the field through degrees and achievements.


The application process begins with an ”Acceptance Letter” that is provided by the institution. Depending on the length of the program ”Student Visa” varies.